2014 Results


Napu Fontes (KING) won the hot-shot shooting contest over Maddy Hinrichs (PA). Krista Johnson of Port Angeles won the 3-point shooting contest over Tiffani Ferrell (CK).

Ryley Callaghan (SK) won the hot-shot shooting over Kyle Setten (OLY) and Joey Blacker (BAIN) won the 3-point shooting contest, beating Deonte Dixon (BREM) in the final.


Girls: Puget Sound 47, Cascade 38

Halftime—Puget Sound 24, Cascade 16.

Cascade—Sarah Cooper 1, Maddy Hinrichs 8, Marina Hartford, Rilke Rutenbeck 2, Jewel Johnson 5, Kylee Jeffers 4, Jayde Richardson 3, Krista Johnson 6, Trisha Reeves 5, Bailee Jones 2, Alexas Besand 2.

Puget Sound—Napu Fontes 2, Lilli Stenzel 4, Brayana Elmore, Tiffani Ferrell 4, Samantha Williams 2, Anna Gaines 4, Gaberiel Stewart 6, Hannah Snyder, Sawyer Kluge 10, Shania Anderson 2, Kristin Brown 11, Rosa Lopez 2.

Boys: Puget Sound 78, Cascade 77

Halftime—Puget Sound 49, Cascade 49.

Cascade—Dustin Brewer 5, T.J. Mosley 8, Paul Spaltenstein 2, Joey Blacker 11, Caulin Bakalarski 19, Cody Russell 3, Mitchell Knuckey, Ryley Callaghan 14, Kyle Setten 8, Jacob King 4, Skyler Coppenrath 3.

Puget Sound—Matt Duckworth 1, Andrew Schwieterman 8, Tarez Mason 5, Steve Johnson 6, Deonte Dixon 17, Adam Lemmon 2, Austin Murray 15, Michael Urquhart 5, Terrick Houston-Sims 6, Nathan Carleton 4, Skylar Lewis 5, Henry English 4.


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