2018 All-Star Player Information

Map to Olympic College

All players participating should have received a confirmation letter from your coach or in an email. If your name is on the nomination list below and have not received notification by mail or email, contact Rick Walker at the email or phone.

If you received notification, contact Rick Walker to confirm your participation at the All-Star Event at email rick@sportsbeyond.net or call 360 271-4831.


March 11th – Shoot Around, Hot Shot and 3 Point Shooting Qualification Round for all nominees will be on Sunday, March 11th at Olympic College.

  • Girls 6PM-7:10PM
  • Boys 7:15PM to 8:30PM.

You can still participate in the game if you cannot make the shoot around. It is highly advised that you attend to meet players, coaches and have some time to practice together.

March 13th – Game Night
Arrive 30 minutes before game time to check in and receive your jersey, which you will keep.

  • Girl’s Competitions 5:30PM
  • Girl’s Game 6:00PM
  • Boy’s Competition 7:15PM
  • Boy’s Game 7:30PM.

Invite friends, family, teammates, and coaches. College coaches from the area have been invited.
Further questions, comments or confirmations email rick@sportsbeyond.net or call 360 271-4831.

Event Information
Location: Olympic College

Girls Event: Competition 5:30PM Game: 6PM

Boys Event: Competition 7:00 PM Game7:30PM

$8 General Admission
$5 Students w/ASB
Under 13 Free


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