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2018 All-Star Selections

As players confirm they can play the page will be updated.
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Name School Response
Brianna Lammi Bremerton High School Yes
Olivia Krog Central Kitsap High School Yes
Patricia Faletoi Central Kitsap High School Yes
Ready Lanki-Nimoto – alt Central Kitsap High School
Vanessa Davies Central Kitsap High School  Yes
Avy Hiner Kingston High School Yes
Breanna Siebers Kingston High School Yes
Karleigh Gomez Kingston High School Yes
Lily Beaulieu Kingston High School Yes
Erin Pearson North Kitsap Yes
Katie Hughes North Kitsap Yes
Lauren Weins North Kitsap  Yes
Olivia Selembo North Kitsap  Yes
Haily Simonson North Mason High School Yes
Dejah Coleman Olympic
Emma Meadows – alt Olympic
Kiki Mitchell Olympic Yes
Lauren Peck – alt Olympic
Cheyenne Wheeler Port Angeles High School Conflict
Devin Edwards Port Angeles High School Yes
Gracie Long Port Angeles High School
Natalie Steinman Port Angeles High School Yes
Cece Nielsen Port Townsend High School Yes
Jordyn King – alt Port Townsend High School
Kaitlyn Meek Port Townsend High School Yes
Alisha Grasser Sequim High School Injured
Kyla Armstrong Sequim High School Yes
Name School Response
Charlie Hoberg Bainbridge Yes
Jack Barnes Bainbridge Yes
Zion Archer Central Kitsap Yes
Dylan McConnell Central Kitsap Yes
Dominic Telemaque Central Kitsap Yes
Payton Glasser Sequim Yes
Ethan Lamoureax South Kitsap
Jaiden Mosley Olympic High School Yes
Garett Betzing Klahowya Yes
Tim Coots Klahowya
Easton Joslin Port Angeles Injury
Austin Knight North Mason -alt
Austin Williams North Mason – alt
Zac Olmsted North Kitsap Yes
Kai Warren North Kitsap Yes
Ryan Hecker North Kitsap Injury
Derek Zinn North Kitsap Yes
Trey Fisher North Mason  Yes
Tanner Coldiron North Mason  Yes
Jackson Kimmel Crosspoint Yes
Aydan Laurion Crosspoint Yes
Jim Reed Bremerton High School Yes
Kaiden Parcher Port Townsend High School Yes

2016 All-Star Selections

As players confirm they can play the page will be updated.
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Girls Selections School Confirmed
Alyssa Beach Bremerton Yes
Elena Stamerra CKHS
Katie Thorsen CKHS
Kalie Nation Crosspoint Yes
Lily Eckert Kingston Yes
Aileen Kaye Kingston
Nichole Day Kingston Yes
Valerie Salo Klahowya  Yes
Molly Lemmon North Kitsap  Yes
Jasmine Selembo North Kitsap
Ella Hazzard Olympic  Yes
Litia Kalauati Olympic  Yes
Hayley Baxley Port Angeles Yes
Maddie Boe Port Angeles
Jordan Miller Sequim Yes
Mckenzie Bentz Sequim
Libreshia Borgonia South Kitsap Yes
Amanda Lind South Kitsap Yes
Ashlee Thomas CKHS Alternate
Hannah Fergus CKHS Alternate
Kayla Reuther CKHS Alternate
Josie Eliason Kingston Alternate
McKenna Kendall Klahowya Alternate
Katie Shaw Olympic Alternate
Vanessa Davis South Kitsap Alternate
Kylee Williams South Kitsap Alternate
Boys Selections School Confirmed
Atyus Powell Bremerton Yes
Teni Viofifor Bremerton Yes
Kaleb Bates Central Kitsap Yes
Taylor Baxter Crosspoint  Yes
Ali Chiquiti Kingston Yes
Payton Ryen Klahowya Yes
Cole Rabedeaux North Kitsap Yes
Josh Benson North Kitsap Yes
Jarrod Felix North Kitsap Yes
Daulton Geyer North Mason  Yes
Jumier Johnson Olympic  Yes
Lambros Rogers Port Angeles Yes
Jacob Ralls Pt Townsend Yes
Jackson Oliver Sequim Yes
Eric Wattree South Kitsap Injured
Isaiah Lewis South Kitsap Yes
Ryder Bradley Bremerton Alternate
Nate Hough Klahowya Alternate
Daniel Tomkiewicz South Kitsap Alternate

2015 All-Star Nominations

Girls School Confirmed   Boys School Confirmed
Madison Sturgeon Klahowya Yes Hunter Hathaway Port Angeles  Yes
Izzy Severns Klahowya Yes Alex Smith Central Kitsap Yes
Mikaela Shumaker North Mason Yes Travis Delgado South Kitsap Yes
Caitlin Stofferahn Sequim Yes Aaron Scott South Kitsap Yes
Victoria Cummins Sequim Yes Noah French South Kitsap Alternate
Quincy Satran North mason Blake Swanson Bainbridge Yes
Dani Willey North Mason Yes Trent Schulte Bainbridge
Kaylee Yergeau South Kitsap Yes Oskar Dieterich Bainbridge Yes
Brianna Shafer South Kitsap Yes Ben Beatie Bainbridge Alternate
Taylor Krouse Central Kitsap Yes Miles Sustad Kingston Yes
Maddie White Central Kitsap Yes Ricky Holguin Klahowya Yes
Cailyn Cattell Crosspoint Yes Ryan Gotchall Klahowya Yes
Desere’e Doty Crosspoint Yes Austin Wischhoefer Klahowya Alternate
Emma Laurian Crosspoint Jacob Gotchall Klahowya Yes
Holly Bandara Crosspoint Alex Barry Sequim Yes
Olivia Williams Olympic Vance Willis Sequim Yes
Destini Elmore Olympic Daniel Burggraaf North Mason No
Natanya Phan Olympic Calvin Dennis North Kitsap Yes
Skyler Bakken Kingston Yes Brooks Ellingsen North Kitsap Alternate
Katelyn Carper Kingston Yes David Perry North Kitsap Yes
Rebekah Baugh North Kitsap Yes Ethan Graebner North Kitsap Yes
Melissa Hamblet North Kitsap Yes Damarius Johnson Olympic  Yes
Marcus Harris Olympic Alternate
Makaleb McInnis Olympic  Yes
Erik Turnquist Olympic  Yes
Keshun McGee Olympic Alternate
Brendon Naylor Chimacum Yes
Orion Weller Chimacum Yes
John Carthum Chimacum Yes
Chris Adkins Port Townsend Yes
Chris Winderl Bremerton Yes
Dallas Chapman Bremerton Yes
Tovantey Carter Bremerton Alternate
Jensen Bamaglad Bremerton Alternate
Michael Shea Crosspoint Yes

2016 All-Star Player Information

Map to Olympic College

All players participating should have received a confirmation letter from your coach or in an email. If your name is on the nomination list below and have not received notification by mail or email, contact Rick Walker at the email or phone.

If you received notification, contact Rick Walker to confirm your participation at the All-Star Event at email or call 360 271-4831.


March 12th – Shoot Around, Hot Shot and 3 Point Shooting Qualification Round for all nominees will be on Sunday, March 15th at Olympic College.

  • Girls 6PM-7:10PM
  • Boys 7:15PM to 8:30PM.

You can still participate in the game if you cannot make the shoot around. It is highly advised that you attend to meet players, coaches and have some time to practice together.

March 14th – Game Night
Arrive 30 minutes before game time to check in and receive your jersey, which you will keep.

  • Girl’s Competitions 5:30PM
  • Girl’s Game 6:00PM
  • Boy’s Competition 7:15PM
  • Boy’s Game 7:30PM.

Invite friends, family, teammates, and coaches. College coaches from the area have been invited.
Further questions, comments or confirmations email or call 360 271-4831.

Event Information
Location: Olympic College

Girls Event: Competition 5:30PM Game: 6PM

Boys Event: Competition 7:00 PM Game7:30PM

$8 General Admission
$5 Students w/ASB
Under 13 Free